PREETHIYA MARGA(ಪ್ರೀತಿಯ ಮಾರ್ಗ)

Preethiya Marga(ಪ್ರೀತಿಯ ಮಾರ್ಗ) Radio Program Episodes

Ep:2-Jesus is for us
Ep:3-God gave His Son for us
Ep:4-Jesus is our shepherd
Ep:5-Jesus forgives your sins
Ep:6-God our Father and we His children
Ep:7-The miraculous birth of Jesus
Ep:8-God loves His children
Ep:9-Jesus came looking for sinners
Ep:10-Put your burdens on Jesus
Ep:11-Jesus raises Lazar from death
Ep:12-What is sin
Ep:13-Carrying the sins of another person
Ep:14-Jesus heals a blind person
Ep:15-Becoming a child of God
Ep:16-How to pray to Jesus
P Mar-17-Jesus will come again
Ep:18-Be like God your Father
Ep:19-Everything is possible with Jesus
Ep:20-Jesus is living
Ep:21-Ten Commandments
Ep:22-Jesus gives you real freedom
Ep:23-The greatest love
Ep:24-Repent and receive forgiveness
Ep:25-Promises of God
Ep:26-Repent and you get salvation
Ep:27-Turn back and accept Jesus
Ep:28-Jesus arrested for crucifixion
Ep:29-Death of Jesus on the cross
Ep:30-Jesus conquers death
Ep:31-You will be released from rituals
Ep:32-All the goodness of God is in Jesus
Ep:33-Jesus has authority over everything
Ep:34-When will God forgive you
Ep:35-A short message on eternal life
Ep:36-The law gives a knowledge of sin
Ep:37-Kingdom of God
Ep:38-Woman caught in adultery
Ep:39-Jesus the Way, the Truth and the Life
Ep:40-An introduction of Bible
Ep:41-This is the accepted time and day of salvation
Ep:42-The standards of Jesus
Ep:43-My Testimony
Ep:44-Story of Zacchaeus
Ep:45-Only life for you
Ep:46-The name of Jesus above all names
Ep:47-God kept you to search and find Him
Ep:48-God rejoices when a sinner repents
Ep:49-The Story of Jonah
Ep:50-There is victory if you are in Jesus
Ep:51-The people of Israel blessed by God
Ep:52-Teachings of Jesus the greatest ever
Ep:53-Why are there problems in the world
Ep:54-The highest standards of Jesus
Ep:55-The coming of the Pentecost
Ep:56-Blessings and guidance of the Holy Spirit
Ep:57-The need for prayer
Ep:58-Unless the Wheat dies it remains as is
Ep:59-The sufferings of Father at the death of Jesus
Ep:60-Your old self is changed into new
Ep:61-Peace with God
Ep:62-Pray with Faith
Ep:63-The wisdom of God
Ep:64-A great drama about Christmas
Ep:65-Being born of God

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